I think I’ll name you Shane. Like this one boy I know.

Ohhh, how far are you?

Hmhm, I’m on 9/25 right now, but this actually isn’t my first time playing it? I have P3FES on the PS3 and got through an NG+ file. Recently got a PSVita with my brother and I remembered purchasing P3P on PSN so I started a female file.

Okay I think I’ve played enough P3P for now I think I’ll try and draw something.

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Please read Koe no Katachi there are great characters and character development and the story is really interesting.


wait i just realised

robin and lucina start battles in ssb4 by being warped in, like marth and ike do, but fe13 doesn’t have warp staves, just rescue staves

so unlike marth and ike they have to have someone constantly lurking in the background of the stages who brings the two in in the first place

could it be there’s been a hidden new challenger all along who’s the most important of them all


It takes a lot to still believe in people.

— Nate Ruess (via milkied)

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There is no friendship stronger than those forged in the weeaboo years.

  • SEND ME A: ”✎” and i’ll handwrite your url
  • SEND ME A: ”✉” and i’ll handwrite a little message for you
  • SEND ME A: ”✈” and i’ll handwrite the one place I most want to go
  • SEND ME A: ”★” and i’ll handwrite my favorite color
  • SEND ME A: ”☀” and i’ll handwrite my favorite season
  • SEND ME A: ”✦” and i’ll handwrite my favorite animal
  • SEND ME A: ”☮” and i’ll handwrite my tumblr crushes
  • SEND ME A: ”♪” and i’ll handwrite my favorite genre of music
  • SEND ME A: ”♫” and i’ll handwrite my favorite singer or group
  • SEND ME A: ”✂” and i’ll handwrite something I find attractive
  • SEND ME A: ”✔” and i’ll handwrite my favorite movie
  • SEND ME A: ”✮” and i’ll handwrite my favorite food

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Christmas Wishes by Wannyanpuu

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By 中立

Permission was granted by the original artist to use these images.

Do you eat or drink soup?