Kagerou Days Official Visual Fanbook
Illustration by Wannyanpu

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Hello this is Gen and I meshed and vectored a damned cherry in media class today

Kagerou Daze -in a daze- cover illustrated by Shidu

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hahaha goodnight

Anonymous said:
Hello, I read your "About me" selection to make sure you haven't done this tutorial before I asked. I'm having major problems with side view lips. My lips always end up looking like The Simpsons lips. (Google it if you don't know the show to know what I'm talking about) It's Terrible because I can't seem to understand how to draw them on both Males and Females. Can you please help guide me on how to draw them? (If you have time)


Omg dear this is a really difficult thing you are asking to me because I’m not a lips expert ;w; I’ll do my best! 
I even did gifs OHOH it’s the first time, I hope they explains better than my writing.
Lips are not ‘round’ as simpsons one, quoting you. They have more like a smoothed triangular aspect, like a cone with a round tip.
Of course it depends the style you are using when drawing lips, most anime-manga/cartoonish styles uses just a line for the lips and I do use a more complicated but still simple style for the lips I draw. 
For example, I do draw the lower part of the cupid’s bow, I don’t think it has a proper name, so I’m showing you:

When I’m drawing and coloring males, I don’t color the lips because my style isn’t realistic so I don’t bother. That’s why the cupid’s bow isn’t showing (and in non-realistic styles I find it really annoying if it’s only drew, like in certain mangas, for example)

Time to show you how I draw lips. 
First example, the normal smiling side view lips

As you can see the lips are little curves and it’s not necessary that the side lips have to touch the line. Also, look at the third arrow, the line between the lips is more curved because of the under cupid’s bow. 

An opened mouth is different, since the inside of the mouth or the teeth divide the lips:

The smiling mouth:

Normal closed mouth, no smiling:

I am sorry, I hope it helps ;__; I didn’t even know where to start explaining! Anyway you can try to search on deviantart for more accura tutorials ;v;


Kuroha having red eyes always makes me think he looks r eally mad

Today, Google is celebrating the 80th birthday of Diana Wynne Jones (1934-2011), the author of the well known Howl’s Moving Castle and many other wondrous fantasy novels. Happy Birthday! I liked the banner so much, I decided to make a gif of it for everyone to use however they please. No watermark or anything, and I’ve looped it smoothly. (It’s also transparent …) 

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Don’t Throw Away Your Markers

“This is just a quick and simple tip for artists who use markers to color their work. Refilling your own markers can save you money, and it’s easy to do.”

how does this not have more notes!


i… i think i can actually afford to use these, then.

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I’m glad this came back around because I forgot to add the first time that ANYTHING LIQUID AND CLEAR WITH A HIGH ENOUGH ALCOHOL CONTENT WORKS FOR THIS so we’re talking your facial cleanser, screen cleaner, vodka, perfume, you name it. I used to have a cheap ass bottle of this facial cleanser stuff that didn’t smell of much and it worked like a charm for renewing alcohol markers like copics. Things like that are also probably cheaper or easier to get than high grade raw alcohol especially if you’re not doing professional works and just drawing for fun.


rinnai-rai thought you’d find some use of this bruh

Tiny manakete Robin

I’ve got maybe 6 more pages to go but I don’t know what to write now ahahaha

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Doodled some shintaros it’s a reasonable thing to do at 1 in the morning


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Persona Q's finalized premium and standard editions ⊟

The contents for the $50 standard edition and $80 bundle are the same, but Atlus made some slight changes to the look of the main box and art book cover for the latter since its initial mock-ups. Both editions release on November 25.

The publisher also put out two more character trailers for Persona Q: one for Persona 3's Ken Amada, and the other for Persona 4's Naoto Shirogane.

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